Spoiler Alert: What it’s like working at Disneyland?

Free front gate pass, good for Anaheim, Disney World and many other Disney park locations. Extra holiday-tickets for “Disney’s Christmas Party” to bring many of your friends and family into both parks Cast Member warehouse filled with Disney apparel, souvenirs, and more at a very affordable price. I always went to this place and I… Continue reading Spoiler Alert: What it’s like working at Disneyland?

Non-Damaging Responses to Interview Questions

“Why did you leave your last position?” Answers: Looking for a position that is closely related to my educational experience. Seasonal, temporary, contract School schedule changed/ conflicted with business needs To concentrate on school full-time To take care of a family member in need Commute and lack of hours (be careful when using “commute,” only… Continue reading Non-Damaging Responses to Interview Questions