Overcoming Writer’s Block

First thing’s first, always keep a pen and paper with you.

Like many writer’s, I have experienced situations where I was watching the cursor on my screen just blink away. Yet, I could not seem to get the right words out. This was because I was out of unique ideas to write about. I wished I could just go into the future so I could peak at what my final draft was about and then come back to the present to get writing. But, life just does not work that way. Only in a perfect world can we skip the long thought process of brainstorming and coming up with the brilliant main idea.

Suddenly, I remembered of all those times that my inner thoughts were racing to just spill out on paper. Sometimes simply taking a break from staring at the blank screen can also help. Many of my ideas came at the most unexpected times… like when I was driving down the highway listening to the radio, cooking dinner or just watching a humorous sitcom on a Friday night.

Then I realized that I could just simply jot down all my random thoughts in a journal and look back at it later. I got this idea from artists such as Eminem… yes, the rapper. I watched an interview on him that shined light on his method of writing new lyrics. He simply wrote words on a piece of paper, and used those words to write a new hit song. This got my thinking. Even big artists like Eminem have some sort of method to get their masterpiece out there. But, we cannot expect to produce something unique without all the right stepping stones in place.

As I said earlier, get a notepad or journal or maybe even the tablet from the neighborhood real estate agent…. and jot down all those ideas. Keep it on your nightstand; if you are anything like me, some of your ideas may come up in the middle of the night… and no, it will not be easy to remember after another five hours of sleep. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Now every time you find that writer’s block is clouding your thought process just go to your notepad filled with your unique ideas. Have fun with it!


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