Spoiler Alert: What it’s like working at Disneyland?

  1. Free front gate pass, good for Anaheim, Disney World and many other Disney park locations.
  2. Extra holiday-tickets for “Disney’s Christmas Party” to bring many of your friends and family into both parks
  3. Cast Member warehouse filled with Disney apparel, souvenirs, and more at a very affordable price. I always went to this place and I loved it. They have a strict limit of one other person to accompany you upon scanning your Disney employee I.D.
  4. Discounts on food, hotels, and shopping
  5. Discounts on AMC, Verizon
  6. Admission into other parks at a discounted rate
  7. Free holiday treats made fresh by the baker/Chef
  8. Getting your own “Ears” after you pass probation
  9. Free parking
  10. Get paid to walk from your work location to the Cast Shuttle area
  11. Special Cast Member shuttle to and from the parking lots
  12. Engraved nametag
  13. Fun costumes to wear at work
  14. Specially made free shoes for the food and beverage employees
  15. Weekly pay
  16. Encounters with celebrities
  17. Learning about the history of Disney
  18. Orientation with Mickey Mouse- he surprises the new-hires toward the end of their first day. It creates that “magical moment.”
  19. Meeting people from other countries- the Australians were the friendliest!
  20. Free lunches- if you had the “cool manager” during your shift
  21. Rewards for doing your job right- I received several certificates for my performance and for superb guest complements.
  22. Behind-the-scenes- you get to see a lot of what goes on behind those “Cast Members Only” signs including some characters, the parade prep, etc.
  23. Cast Member lock rooms and dressing rooms
  24. Costuming Department with a team to handle your costume laundry- for those too lazy to do it themselves
  25. A special on-site health-center
  26. Having Disneyland as an employer on your resume- if you can get a job here, you can pretty much work anywhere else… as long as you left on good terms.

Any questions? You know you wanna ask some. I’ll be happy to answer!



2 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: What it’s like working at Disneyland?

  1. So many questions so I’ll give you 3.
    1. Are there underground tunnels for staff members (I.e. Mickey)?
    2. Is the tower of terror really haunted?
    3. Did someone actually die in space mountain?


    • Hi Danny!
      1. No underground tunnels, possibly for Mickey, he has his own secret place to get ready. There are underground tunnels at Disney World since it’s such a big place. It helps the workers get in and out quicker.
      2. No it’s not haunted
      3. Hmmm, good question. I know there are some rides where deaths/ injuries happen but I haven’t heard of any on Space Mountain.


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