Homeless Veterans

They put their lives on the line, leave their families behind, and fight for us in places most people would never agree to go to. Some make it back to American soil and others unfortunately lose their lives in combat. Homeless Veterans… It’s so difficult for me to fathom those words put together. Yet, society is so quick to judge on those living on the streets. I admit, I was one of them. Instead of thanking them for their service and treating them with some dignity, we tend to ignore the issue and leave it up to the government to solve.

In my perspective, anyone who serves for our country should be given the red carpet experience when they come back home. I don’t mean the whole celebrity status/paparazzi thing. No. They deserve a nice home and easily accessible and completely free healthcare. Basic needs should be covered, no questions asked. Most importantly, they should never be forgotten.

To those reading this post, I dare you to thank a veteran for their service and if you happen to be at a restaurant, offer to pay for their meal (if you can). As my mom always says, “Giving is better than receiving.” This is a good dare, you can do it. Tell me what happens.

Thank you to those serving or who have served for our country.


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