What do you want to be when you grow up?

Growing up, we are asked this question a lot. We dream of being rock stars, movie stars, etc. Our parents tell us to pick one. Well, it’s 2017 and just one career choice is in the past.

We have all heard of side hustles to make some extra cash on the side. It never used to be this way before but after the economic recession, we have acclimated to the side hustle trend as an insurance policy. If we lose one job, we still have the other to hold us together.

When I was younger, nobody ever gave me a list of career options and asked me to pick my top 3. I will tell you this, writer and teacher were never my first choices. Perhaps that’s because when we were asked, “What do you want to major in?” Our response was sometimes, “I’m not sure yet.”

There are many of the same majors offered that college students are left undecided like I was. We want a nice big paycheck after all of that studying. But, will that big paycheck be enough even if we happen to land in the job that is not what we really want? The answer: If you love what you do, then the pay will not matter. But, you want to be successful, right? Well, what does success mean to you? Today, we are multi-taskers because if we want to keep our job, we have to do the job of three people.

Maybe you are in a job that is just temporary or you have to take a job for now until you find the one you want. It’s okay. Sometimes, we have to go through prereqs just to get on the right path. When you finally reach where you want to be, take a look back at the journey you have come through. You may be surprised to realize which connections you have made that helped you get your foot in the door. So, go ahead and be a writer, teacher, tutor, driver, artist, and more!


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