How to write a Cover Letter

Cover Letters are the only place where you can share other relevant experience with the hiring manager in a paragraph form. This is your chance to shine and to show your confidence.

Begin with a formal greeting….

Dear Mr. ____ or Ms. ____,

Addressing the person reading your cover letter helps to gain rapport with them.

Refrain from the following words: think, really, hope, feel

For example: “I really hope you will consider me as a candidate for this position. I think I would be a good fit. I feel this position will help me grow in my career.”

This makes you, the candidate, sound weak.

Use the following words instead: know, will, asset, experience

For example: “With my five years of relevant experience, I know I will be a valuable asset to your organization.”

See how much better it sounds? Confidence is important. Employers have hundreds of applications to go through. Being straight and to the point, while sounding concise is key.

Keep it formal, conclude with….


(Your Name), (Your credentials or degree titles)

***Always Spell Check Before Submitting***


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