The No Cutsies Enforcer

As a Substitute Teacher, I constantly remind students to stay in line and no cutsies! This is my way of preventing the tattling while we get from point A to point B. It usually works out and I do remind them to follow their line leaders.

But what happens when we are not in a school environment where rules are enforced by the teachers? What happens when we are in a store/business and someone cuts you in line?

This has happened to me before, while at Disneyland with my family. After waiting 3 hours for the fireworks show to start, a woman attempted to squeeze in herself and her child into the only area that was left for personal space between me and another family. I knew she was not going to listen to some kid (I was a kid then) about moving along. Fortunately, the man next to me did the hard work for us. “You can’t just squeeze yourself in here like that. We’ve been waiting here for multiple hours, you need to move or I’ll get someone to make you move.” Without hesitation, she grabbed her kids and moved. We never saw her again.

That was years ago.

Today, while at the mall, I approached the checkout counter with one person in front of me. To my surprise, another woman stood right beside me at the same moment. I knew exactly what she wanted, to cut in line! And so, she slowly stepped in front of me, pretending to grab something from a display stand, looked at it, and then faced forward. Now her whole body was in front of me.

I thought about saying, “Hey, I was here first!” But I didn’t want to sound childish about it. My mom even noticed how sneaky she was. I mean, what has society come to? At work, I try to teach the students the do’s and dont’s. But outside of work, people violate the rules society has set in place.

Perhaps I should have said something today. I mean, I really wanted to. I am an adult and I know I need to defend myself for what is right from wrong but I feel like I need to pick my battles carefully. Instead, I announced the fact that there were 5 registers open, 4 of which were not being used, and 3 employees who were just standing around fiddling with merchandise. With a line of ten people, they opened another register. So you know I had to say something to someone about the lady who cut me.

“How was your shopping experience with us today?” the associate asked.

“Almost perfect except for the fact that the lady your coworker helped cut me in line. Yet, your coworker did absolutely nothing about it. I think you guys need to start putting up line barriers to prevent that next time.” I said with adrenaline going through my body.

There is hardly any shame left in the world. I guess I wished there was a, “No Cutsies Enforcer,” in that store today. I know the kids I work with follow the rules- most of the time- but I think adults in the real world need a reality check.


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