Writer’s Biggest Fear


Writing is subjective! In school, seeing our teacher’s red pen marks and small comments scribbled into the margins were used as the warm-up. The more practice we got, the less red marks we saw in our papers.

But, what happens when we are done with school and trying to make a name for ourselves as a writer?Whether you are a writer, blogger, or student, we can all agree that our greatest fear is our work being judged and rejected. When we are ready to submit our book proposal or short essay to an edior//literary agent/publisher, we trust on our own writing skills and hope it’s good enough for publication.

We wait days, weeks, even months to hear back from them. In a way, it’s kind of like waiting to hear back from a job interview- they make you wait days to weeks for a simple yes or no. Meanwhile, our anxiety levels kick in and we start checking our spam folder every day for and a sign of hope.

I recently took a poll via Twitter.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 3.24.40 PM

I offered four of the possible fears writer’s face. We can hire someone to help us edit, and write down ideas on paper to prevent writer’s block or staring at a blank screen. Someone, even your friends or family will eventually read your work and after some time, others will come across your writing either by word of mouth or accidentally.

As you can see, 80% of participants voted that Being Judged/Rejected is the scariest part of writing. It’s the one part of the writing process that we have no control over. Not everyone will gain interest in our book or ideas we want to share with the world. Most agents may reject us for various reasons, which may not make any sense to us. A difference of opinion. However, there’s a reason why there is more than one literary agent out there.

As Literary Agent J. Johnson-Blalock stated, “Just saw two great deals for books I passed on, so when I say it’s subjective and another agent may feel differently, I mean it.” This quote gave me some confidence from within. Although I am completing my graduate degree in less than 30 days, I find it reassuring that literary agents like herself encourage us to keep trying.

I will leave you with one last quote I saw in a classroom the other day.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Don’t give up!



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