Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Although I have submitted my writing several times to various magazines, most of them have all, “taken careful consideration,” after so many weeks and months…. but still passed on me. I have heard that in order to finally get published you basically have to hear every type of rejection like, “eh, I didn’t care for it,” to finally get your foot in the door.

For the past month, I have been working non-stop on my Applied Project to get my Master’s Degree. I have to say, it was not easy. 36 pages of just pure writing. I wrote my own thoughts out about the graduate program. I learned something about myself though… staring at my screen trying to find all my grammatical errors was not working for me. After contemplating, I decided to print out the whole project, twice! The first time, I went through my paper carefully with a purple marker to cross things out and write in the margins. After fixing those errors, I printed it again (the second time) and went through it looking for all those pesky errors I didn’t catch the first time. To my surprise, there were still many lingering in there.

My paper became my enemy for a bit. I didn’t want to look at it or think about it. I thought about hiring an editor to go through it for me. Instead, I worked with about 8 tutors… wait make that 10 tutors for the very last round. Yup, and of course every tutor gave me a different opinion of what my sentences should say. Once I fixed something, another tutor said, no it should be the other way. Needless to say, I became frustrated and even got some major neck and shoulder tension during the last couple of weeks.

I don’t mean to sound so cliche, but I was only a couple of weeks away from completing my Master’s Degree…. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But, I felt like my feet were tracking along a treadmill rather than on the real ground making progress with all the hours my fingertips punched those keys on my Macbook. After getting outrageous quotes from editing services, I decided to go through my paper on my own because I wanted to know that I earned my degree without the help of an “expert.”

Now I have been waiting several days to hear back on my submission. The waiting game, ugh! As a society, we hate to wait for anything that is accessible with the touch of our fingertip to our phone screen. We hate waiting in line, especially when there is only one person at the counter to help a line wrapped around the building. Oh yes, I used to be that person behind the counter, and it is usually because of poor management and lack of preparedness. So, I won’t say which company(s) it was. I will just say, as a graduate student, a lot of hard work goes into the final paper. But, it’s the waiting period afterward that makes you shake in your boots! It’s like watching a file taking forever to upload, a little percentage at a time.

I am hoping by the time I am finished with this post that my final score will be posted *crosses fingers*. On a lighter and more exciting note (one that will relate closely to the title of this post, graduation is next week! *claps* I am more than excited and I will be traveling to Phoenix to enjoy all of the festivities, 4 to be exact. Oh, and I will be making a move there sometime during this summer. That is probably the best news of yet. I have decided that So Cal is just not working out for me, at least not in my favor. No matter what experience I have or how many degrees I will get, it will never be enough.

Plus, this also means more opportunities for me.

Well, until next time, I wish all the graduates the best of their future endeavors. Congratulations!


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