Growing Up As An Only Child With Etch A Sketch


I came to the realization that I am making up for things I did not have as a kid. For instance, my parents never allowed me to have a dog or TV. They were the type of parents who did not want me glued to the TV all day or playing video games. In fact, I got my first TV when I was about 23. I am still working on getting my own dog (I plan to rescue one), but that will be soon.

Because I am an only child, many people automatically assume that I always got everything I wanted. Wrong. My parents taught me the value of a dollar and the value of hard work. However, as an adult, I am doing things and wanting things that I could not do as a kid. Many of those “things” involve going traveling with my friends, attending concerts, owning a TV and lots of music, and last but not least, getting a dog. Have you ever made up for something as an adult that you could not have as a kid? I am not saying my parents were “mean” to me, not at all. They were strict and raised me right. Unlike the majority of the newer generation out there, it seems many of the kids are glued to all of the technology easily accessible to them. Everywhere I go, I usually come across a toddler, not even walking yet, playing on a phone or tablet. The closest ting I had to that was an Etch A Sketch. Remember those? The classic red plastic frame with a white board and two knobs at the bottom to create your own sketch from your pure imagination. There was no touch screen or cute characters all over the screen singing songs. We used our imagination. A $20 Etch A Sketch has now been replaced with a $600 phone or $300 tablet. I cannot even imagine what my life would have been like had the iPhone been invented a decade earlier.

Society has evolved since the iPhone came out. I was raised to walk up straight with my head facing ahead so I could see what is in front of me at all times. Now, many people walk with their heads down looking at their phones and their children are mirroring their moves. As I said earlier, I did no get everything I wanted. Even when I wanted a smart phone I had to wait until I could afford one on my own. I begged my parents for one to be like my friends, but they just gave me a simple flip phone. Thinking about it, I am glad that they did that because I know the differences between what I want and what I need.

Even as an adult, I struggle with the things I want versus the things I need. I remind myself that my hard earned money should be spent on necessities to live on rather than something that will distract me from living my life to the fullest.  I know a dog is not a necessity to my parents. However, because I never got a dog as a kid, I am going to make up for it by rescuing one and making it part of my family. I do not know what type of dog it will be or where I will find him/her, but when the day comes, I will remember that I waited long for this day to come and I will be helping an animal in need of a home.


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