Leaving the Nest, Gummy Vitamins, and Furniture Shopping

The past couple of months have been life-changing. After I graduated from graduate school, my boyfriend and I went looking for apartments in AZ, and I got a job in Scottsdale. Not only was it the conclusion on a 7 year long-distance relationship, but it was also a great new journey we were embarking on together. It was either move to Cali or move to Phoenix. We found that with cost of living and job opportunities as variables, Phoenix was the right choice.

Leaving the Nest was the biggest change of all. As an only child, I had to make that tough decision to finally be free from the nest. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what age or what time it was most appropriate to do so, I just did it….. after my boyfriend called me one day from work asking me if moving to Phoenix during the summer would be something I’d consider…. in the middle of the summer, (I also factored in the fact that we wouldn’t have to spend weeks to months without seeing each other anymore) so I said yes.

The moment I got my job offer and we knew what day to move, we got a Uhaul and I hugged my parents goodbye.

Then the road trip began. After about 5 and a half hours of driving across the desert, I learned some things….

  1. Water is your best friend.
  2. Never take gummy vitamins with you in a Uhaul… they melted into big blobs when I dug them out of the bin. My boyfriend, “Well, you can always take little bites of it until it’s all gone.”

One of the many obstacles we came across just happened to be the fact that the leasing office was not even prepared for us on move-in day. Yup, we arrived on time and ready to move in only to find out that, “oh, your unit is not at all ready to move into yet.” If you could be in that moment with us, I would describe my boyfriend’s look as, “shit, we need to get a room and find a storage unit,” whereas with me I was thinking something along the lines of, “you don’t know who you’re messing with, we signed the lease, it’s in writing, it’s 115 out and I want a damn shower, so do what you gotta do to make this right.” Seriously, I had never sweat so much in my entire life.

It took us several hours to move everything in only because the cleaning crew and maintenance guy were in here cleaning up the mess the last tenants left. The shower still had painters tape stuck on it, the balcony still had old cardboard and a broken light fixture on it, plus the dishwasher is crap and still doesn’t work. Fortunately, we were bale to get a discount on our rent for dealing with the craziness, but it makes me wonder if anyone else has gone through something like we did.

Furniture Shopping

His dad offered to get us furniture which was more than generous of him. We first went to Ashley Furniture to get some ideas. The only idea we got there was how damn expensive it is there to get a simple couch. We ended up getting all of our furniture (couch, table and chairs) at IKEA. I never knew you could spend 4 hours in that store but we did. It was a lot to take in, and we tried pretty much every couch that appealed to our eyes. In the end, my boyfriend finished building all of the furniture at midnight on Monday morning. The craziest part was that the AC in our apartment had stopped working due to a windstorm. It has been that way since but we luckily got to borrow a portable AC for the meantime.